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  • Begin your path to optimum wellness.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is a fully integrated system of theory, diagnostics and treatment that can address virtually any health condition.

  • Health

    A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being beyond merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

  • One of the side benefits of my treatment at Oregon City Acupuncture is the holistic view they have of care. I am not just treated for pain or inflammation. I am treated as a whole person and when I leave, I feel more centered and in tune with who I really am. — CC

  • For the first time in many, many years, I am able to really be comfortable in my body throughout my day and find joy in life.  I have an extensive history with western medicine, having had many surgeries and been treated by many doctors.  However, nothing has given me the benefits I receive from acupuncture and Chinese herbs. — CC

  • From the first visit, we noticed improvement. Each session for each of us was fashioned for our individual needs at that time, in a relaxing atmosphere. The results were encouraging, often giving us flexibility and release from pain. — J & G

Does acupuncture hurt?

Getting pricked by blackberry or rose thorns is usually a more unpleasant experience. Yet most would not forgo the pleasure of freshly picked blackberries or the beauty of a bouquet of roses.  If you do experience any sensation it usually only lasts a few seconds. Common sensations are a tiny pinch, a feeling of fullness at the site of insertion, warmth, dull ache or tingling. Taking a couple of slow deep breaths allows the sensation to dissipate and the qi to flow. If any sensation continues beyond 30 seconds discuss it with your practitioner.  You are always in control and can say  “stop”. You are an active participant in the healing process. We do not cure you, your body and mind do. If you feel the process is a challenge then you and your practitioner will discuss other options to best assist you back into balance.