RETURN TO SPRINGreturn to spring

Feeling generally fatigued all the time?  Older than your years?  Memory not what it used to be?  Hair getting prematurely gray?  Are you easily startled or frightened?  Experiencing night sweats?  Low back and knees sore and achy even though you have not injured them?  Libido not what it used to be?

These are many of the symptoms addressed by the Traditional Chinese herbal formula known as Huan Shao Dan.  The name translates as “Return to Spring”, or “Return to Youth”.   This ancient herbal formula consists of over a dozen herbs which warm and strengthen the digestion, the Heart (Spirit), and the Kidney Yang Qi.  According to the original source text, “Secret Formulas of the Yang Family”, one should notice a difference between five and thirty days of use.  It is safe for long-term use as well.  As with many herbs and medications, “Return to Spring” should not be taken during pregnancy.

Winter is the best time to nourish warm and tonify the Kidney Qi.  If you are concerned about your Yang Qi, consult your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist.  Oregon City Acupuncture offers current patients a 10% discount on “Return to Spring” through February, 2015. We cannot ship.