Well the spring planting is done. Got almost everything in except for transplanting the lilac – that happened today. Watched the root ball get pretty washed away last week with the rain and hail. Seems to have made the transfer with little problem however. The root ball was smaller so it was a bit easier – so said my husband. 

Haven’t had time for much walking lately but the gardening got to the muscles anyway. Did take a short walk last evening – it was gorgeous out. Driveway is 1/4 mile to the road and hilly so it offers a bit of a walk. The mountain was glowing pink in the early sunset. Everything was quiet and still. Went down to survey the creek and see if the excess rain did any damage. We have had some ugly washouts in the past. All looked good and on the way back up the drive I met our local family of skunks. This is the first time this year to see them – mom and four babies. They are soooooo cute! Mom was a bit bothered by the kids as they would not stop pestering her if she slowed down even a bit – over and under her, trying to eat or play. I stopped and watched and she seemed to slowly get closer to me. I thought 20 feet was close enough and I was at a point in the neighbor’s fence where I could climb over and walk back through their pasture. As soon as I started walking back on the other side of the fence she turned around and started back up the drive. Seemed like she was following me. I could have stayed on the drive if I had known she would do this. I was slogging through hip deep grass and she was on the “freeway”.

Had to climb over the gate to get out of the pasture and back onto the drive by our front gate. Turned and looked and there she was coming around the corner in my direction. I guess she figured I was OK. Of course that was true. They are soooooo cute. (I said that already didn’t I). Fascinating scramble of white lines in black background in all directions. Of course I didn’t have a camera for this. Don’t carry my phone on me routinely either. (It’s not a body part). Oh well, just have to hope she comes out again. I’ll have to travel prepared from now on.

Had a great hike in this area this last fall –  Plans to visit this Thursday June 14  from 4:45 – 7:15. Canemah Community Celebration in Oregon City. The Canemah Bluff Natural Area with a Childrens’ Park opening. Hikes and food. Check out the website for more info. You can follow them on facebook also.
http://www.oregonmetro.gov/  Summer Green Scene

See ya there!