Had a great birthday hike the beginning of May. Very fortunate to be able to live in the country and walk surrounding properties. On the 6th we went out in the early evening and were surrounded by wooley bears.

Don’t know the specific species but we had to watch where we stepped. They were climbing all over everything. The light was really nice and warm to match the temperature that day.  Got to see the neighborhood hawks circling and courting. The bluebirds had flooded the birdhouses that were put out. They were not bothered by our walking relatively close to their homes. They are very safe here. We were able to walk near Clear Creek and see how swampy some areas still are. Where there is drainage the ground was almost concrete.


We had a lot of Miner’s Lettuce along the trail in one area – just about to open but still pretty. Along the upper hillside out in the sun the horsetails were coming up. Got home just as the sun was dropping below the distant hills. Mt. Hood was starting to glow.

On Mother’s Day we started working in the yard, cleaning out the garden, etc. Didn’t get out on a hike but still appreciated the outdoors. Got our garden swing up and watched the evening light on Mt Hood. It was so nice to have a couple of nice weekends in a row in May.

However, since then my tree peony started to open. Last week I told my husband that once the flowers open the skies will open also. It never fails that they get blasted by drenching downpours and sometimes hail. Gorgeous flowers, no chance of them lasting long. Will cut what is left tonight and bring them inside. That will bring out the sun.

Hope the holiday weekend is nice. Still have to finish the first round of weed-whacking to do. Will intersperse with another walk if it isn’t pouring. Still need to actually get the garden planted. Hope everyone can get out a bit and enjoy some nice weather and get some exercise. Have safe travels. Will catch up with you soon. Please share your outdoor adventures on your return.  

As they say “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”. Take the time to enjoy the world around you.