Spring Beauties. Found in Tryon Creek State Park

Need an ID. Not spring beauties.

In the NE corner of Mt Tabor

Homalothecium fulgenscens?

We have another pretty nice spring day happening out there. Good to have sun on my birthday. Have been able to get out and enjoy the spring energy in the woods and fields this last month. Visited Tryon Creek State Park just before the Trillium Festival the end of March. Beautiful site with the flowers at peak bloom. A few weeks later I visited Mt Talbert Nature Park in Clackamas. Last visit was on Christmas day. This was Easter. Flowers were just beginning to pop. Went back the next week – hard to imagine 2 good weekends in a row. Got some good pictures there. Planning on going back routinely to see what develops during the year. Both these areas are circled by development but you feel like you’ve gone miles away from town. Lots of areas close to the city for you to get out and explore. Spring energy. Everything is emerging out of the ground, out of the cave (or home), out of our introspection and out into the world. Your energy should have been regenerated and you should be ready for the activities that come with longer days and more sun. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy nature and get to know an area more. Even your neighborhood may have many places to discover if you get out and look for it. Exercise is something we all need more of in our lives. It doesn’t have to include running marathons or lifting hundreds of pounds. Just get up and move. See what’s out there and go back for more. I’m heading out the door now.